It's pretty inspiring the way Senator Udall has been standing up for something he believes in.

Senator Udall has made it a personal mission to renew funding for the Production Tax Credit, without which Colorado would see the loss of several wind-energy business and thousands of good paying jobs.

Aside from 13 (and counting!) floor speeches in Congress, Senator Udall has been making sure his campaign list has a chance to weigh in.

Last month, a member of the management team at a major Colorado wind company wrote an email on behalf of the senator, letting his supporters know about his dedication to the issue, and asking them to support his ongoing advocacy:

I can tell you firsthand how profound an impact wind energy has already had in Colorado, where it has resulted in at least $2 billion in investment, and significant job creation.

The same is true across the country — wind energy is one of the fastest growing sources of clean, new electrical generation, and it has attracted more than $15 billion annually in private investment to the U.S. each year for the past five years.

This investment has created a new U.S. manufacturing base with nearly 500 facilities, and the wind industry kept 75,000 people working in solid, meaningful jobs through the recession. Many of these jobs are under immediate threat if the PTC isn’t extended. But with stable tax policy, the industry could support 100,000 jobs by 2016, and as many as 500,000 jobs by 2030.

Senator Udall knows that supporting wind energy is a no-brainer, and he is going to extraordinary lengths to make sure the rest of Congress gets the message.

And this week, the Senator — outraged over comments made on the campaign trail — sent out a call to his supporters to write a letter to Mitt Romeny, to make sure he is informed about Coloradans’ support of wind energy and the clean energy economy:

It’s frustrating to witness Mitt Romney broadcast his opposition to what we all know is a common sense, bi-partisan policy like the PTC, but I’m not discouraged. I know that renewable energy is a big deal in Colorado, but maybe Mr. Romney doesn’t understand that his opposition simply won’t go over well with Coloradans.

Without the extension, the PTC will expire at the end of this year, which will be a major blow to several Colorado-based businesses and result in the loss of thousands of good Colorado jobs. That’s why I’ve been helping to lead the fight in the Senate to extend the PTC.

I’m asking for Coloradans to let Mr. Romney know that we support wind energy jobs and believe we should continue investing in a clean energy future.

Sign up for the Senator’s email list here, and make sure to stay up-to-date on his important work to protect clean energy jobs in Colorado.