Pedal the Plains looking for three or four enthusiastic riders who share our excitement for bike culture in Colorado’s Eastern Plains to join forces with the ride and become “Plain Pedalers”. Plain Pedalers will help capture the spirit of Pedal The Plains and tell the story of this fall’s ride and the culture of cycling.

What does it mean to be a Plain Pedaler?

As a Plain Pedaler, you will get one free entry into Pedal The Plains 2014.  You will have the opportunity to tell your story by sharing photos of training, riding and exploring the state during the event, as well as during the weeks leading up to the ride. All of your content will be featured on the Pedal The Plains website and shared by Pedal The Plains social media.

Who is the ideal Plain Pedaler?

The ideal Plain Pedaler is someone with an interesting perspective and a knack for storytelling or photo-taking. They are willing to write a blog post every couple of weeks in the months leading up to the ride, and to post stories or photos every day during the event itself. They are savvy on social media, and willing to participate in conversations and sharing their work online.

You entries are due by Sunday, July 25th.