John Hickenlooper’s opponents and their allies are going to try to track mud all over Colorado by slinging misinformation and false claims at John and his campaign.

That’s why Hickenlooper for Colorado created a place where people can find accurate information about John’s record and Colorado’s accomplishments over the past four years.

mudroom header

Step into The Mudroom and wipe off that negativity. Then be sure to sign up to be a member of Hick’s “Mudroom rapid response team.” The campaign send you updates whenever there is an attack so you can help them get the truth out.

It’s called The Mudroom, and it’s a great place to wipe off the mud and negativity you see on TV. It’s also a whole lot easier than taking a shower every time you see an attack ad.

This mudroom doesn’t have a sink or a rug. What it does have are the facts and a great team of people like you to help Hickenlooper for Colorado spread the word. And that’s especially important when you don’t run negative ads, like Hick’s campaign.