OnSight is working with Great Outdoors Colorado and Governor Hickenlooper to host the inaugural Outdoors Summit in Denver. The event will convene hundreds of leaders from around the state to help us launch new initiatives to protect, preserve and enhance the state’s great outdoors.

Learn more at TheOutdoorsSummit.com

Kids today spend half as much time outdoors as their parents did. Colorado may boast the nation’s healthiest adult population, but its youth obesity rate is rising rapidly. Barriers like time, transportation, money, access, and lack  of interest and understanding about outdoor experiences keep kids from getting outside and developing the lifelong passion for the great outdoors that is vital for the well being of Colorado citizens, our wildlife and our way of life.

Colorado’s population is also rapidly expanding, meaning ever-expanding urban areas and increasing pressure on our parks, rivers, trails, open spaces and wildlife habitat.

You can learn more at the web site TheOutdoorsSummit.com. Due to limited space, event invitations are limited. If you are interested in attending, send a note to info@theoutdoorssummit.com.