After two years of hard work, race organizers are opening up registration for the Golden Giddyup next Tuesday, March 29th. The Giddyup will be an end-of-season celebration of all things mountain bike on the Front Range, and the event has been built with that goal in mind, and will feature bikes, beers, bites, and – obviously – a petting zoo, among other entertainments.

The event organizers’ deal with JeffCo Open Space is pretty simple: Giddyup riders and supporters make 600 hours of trail work happen this summer and in return Jeffco Open Space will close their trails for the first time in their 40+ year history for the event. Proceeds from the race will be invested back into Jeffco trails. Organizers are focusing their stewardship on three parks: Apex, Chimney, and North Table Mountain. Take a minute, check your calendar, and let the organizers know when you can pick up a shovel or a rake to put a few hours into shaping the trails in your backyard. It’s cross-training at its best!

The event has hit its 600 hour goal the past two summers thanks to the leadership of guys like Al Head, Giddyup Stewardship Commander. And with new partners like the ColoRowdies on board, it is sure to hit and exceed its goals this summer. There are Park Coordinators for each park, and each park has a team of dedicated volunteers – learn more and sign up to #shapewhatyoushred here.

When registration is opened next week you’ll see there are three events rolled into one: individual loops on NTM and Chimpex (Chimney and Apex), as well as a full course combining the two. And the race format is what is lovingly being called an Endurondo.

Since this is the event’s first year and organizers don’t know how many riders to expect, there will be do two waves of registration starting on March 29th and on April 19th.

Registration for the world's first ENDURONDO* opens March 15

For those that make it into the first wave, it’s gonna cost you less. So don’t dilly dally, get online and register for the best event on two wheels Golden has ever seen.

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