Great Outdoors Colorado launches “Generation Wild” campaign to get kids outside more often

Great Outdoors Colorado launches “Generation Wild” campaign to get kids outside more often

Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) will show Coloradans that “Kids grow better outside” with the launch today of its multi-year “Generation Wild” campaign.

The integrated, statewide effort aims to address the issue of kids spending too little time in unstructured, outdoor play—as few as 4-7 minutes per day—and reconnect kids with nature. It features television spots, digital ads and outdoor media, and promises exciting surprises to inspire kids (and their parents) to get outside, letting their imaginations and curiosity run wild.

“For GOCO, Generation Wild is a mission-driven movement, tightly connected to the work of our organization and countless partners across the state of Colorado. We see an opportunity to transform how often an entire generation of Colorado kids gets outside,” Great Outdoors Colorado Executive Director Chris Castilian said. “Together we can reduce barriers to outdoor experiences and make getting Colorado kids outside a priority.”

Campaign content offers parents and their children inspiration for getting outdoors with easy-to-do tips and tricks. Ads and collateral feature “100 things to do before you’re 12,” a list of activities like rolling down a hill or making a mud pie, and more involved adventures like riding a horse or hiking a 14er.

“Many of today’s kids are over-scheduled, over-screened, and over-protected, and we’re going to show how easy it is to get outside and have fun. Letting kids explore the outdoors doesn’t have to be time-consuming or costly. It starts in the backyard,” said Castilian.

Seven 15-second videos have been produced for the campaign’s initial phase under the creative direction of Sukle Advertising. Each of the spots relies on a different creative medium to stand out and to distinguish the numerous ways “Kids grow better outside.”

Grow from Generation Wild on Vimeo.

Creative materials for the campaign are dual-language to reach both English and Spanish speakers.

Generation Wild has garnered widespread support from dozens of community groups, youth-and outdoors-focused nonprofits, arts and cultural organizations, and private sector businesses, which are helping spread the word about Generation Wild.

Lists of “100 things to do before you’re 12” will be distributed statewide by Colorado State Libraries, and more than 40 Boys and Girls Clubs of Colorado sites will introduce kids to the program this summer. The lists will also be available at nine Colorado state parks through a partnership with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and Denver Parks and Recreation will distribute copies at its recreation centers.

Getting kids to spend more time outdoors is important and beneficial for numerous reasons, including:

American kids, on average, spend less than 10 minutes outside in unstructured play, which is half as much time as their parents did;
Outdoor physical activity is not just fun, it offers many health benefits, including strengthening the immune system, improving cognitive abilities and lowering stress. It makes kids healthier and happier;
Colorado may boast the nation’s healthiest adult population, but its youth obesity rate is rising rapidly.
The Generation Wild campaign builds on the work of GOCO’s $25 million Inspire Initiative, which aims to connect youth and their families with the outdoors through the work of collaborative coalitions working in communities across Colorado.

“Coloradans need to know about easy and close-to-home opportunities to connect to outdoor resources because it improves their lives,” said Jackie Miller, GOCO’s director of youth initiatives. “We know that when people experience the outdoors they begin to appreciate the outdoors, which has long-term implications for our state.”

To view the list of “100 things to do before you’re 12,” or for additional information, visit

Colorado Classic bike race to feature 12 of sport’s best women’s pro teams

Colorado Classic bike race to feature 12 of sport’s best women’s pro teams

Officials with the Colorado Classic announced today that women’s stages of pro cycling’s return to the Centennial State will feature at least a dozen of the sport’s top teams.

“Our goal is to build one of the sport’s premier events for pro women and men, and the caliber of these teams puts us well on our way,” said David Koff, CEO or RPM Events Group, the organization formed to put on the Colorado Classic.

Sanctioned by USA Cycling, the Colorado Classic will feature some of the sport’s top squads. To date, officials have secured 12 women’s teams — (*) indicates UCI registered women’s team:

The men’s Colorado Classic will be held Aug. 10-13, while the two stages of the women’s Colorado Classic will be Thursday, Aug. 10 in Colorado Springs and Friday, Aug. 11 in Breckenridge (separate women’s criterium races featuring pro, amateur, and collegiate riders will be held Aug. 11 and 12  in Denver).

“Colorado has a tremendous legacy for hosting world-class women’s cycling that dates back to the ‘80s,” said Women’s Race Director Sean Petty and UCI Road Commission member. “The strong response we’ve received from the top U.S. women’s teams honors that legacy and we expect great racing from some of the best riders in the world.”

The men’s and women’s stages of the Colorado Classic are part of the USA Cycling Pro Road Tour, which showcases the premier domestic road events in the United States.

Details on individual riders, men’s teams and courses will be provided later this spring.

What are Coloradans thinking?

What are Coloradans thinking?

A new statewide poll of 503 active voters shows a majority of Coloradans give high marks to their home state and its Democratic governor, and have strong reservations about President Donald Trump and many of the polices and issues put forward during his first 50 days in office.

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Keating Research is recognized by Democrats and Republicans alike as providing extremely accurate polling in Colorado.

Keating Research is recognized by Democrats and Republicans alike as providing extremely accurate polling in Colorado.

The Keating/OnSight poll provides informative, accurate results using live-interviewer telephone (cell and landline) surveys and was Colorado’s most accurate in the 2016 Presidential election, predicting Hillary Clinton would win the state by 5 points in Colorado.

What follows are highlights are from the new Keating/OnSight Colorado statewide poll conducted March 8-13, 2017:

Voters are optimistic about the direction of state and Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper

By nearly 2-to-1, Colorado voters say the state is heading in the right direction (58% right direction – 32% wrong direction), which is certainly a reflection of their positive feelings toward Colorado’s second-term Governor, John Hickenlooper. By roughly the same margin, Colorado voters are favorable toward Hickenlooper (57% favorable – 33% unfavorable).

President Donald Trump is not well-liked

Donald Trump, who lost Colorado to Hillary Clinton (43% to 48%), remains unpopular in Colorado (43% favorable – 55% unfavorable), including 45% of respondents who hold a “very unfavorable” view toward him. Opinions of Trump are distorted by voters’ partisan lenses – Democrats strongly dislike Trump (12% favorable – 87% unfavorable) and Republicans very much like him (83% favorable – 16% unfavorable), while the key voting block of unaffiliated voters are hostile territory for Trump (32% favorable – 64% unfavorable).

Trump’s presidency has gotten off to a decidedly rocky start, as nearly 5-of-10 Colorado voters think he is doing a lousy job: grading his performance with an F (38%) or D (10%).  A minority of respondents – 36% – give Trump an A (19%) or B (17%).

Honesty is a key characteristic for any politician, and a majority – 52% – of Colorado voters think President Trump is “dishonest and tells lies”, while a minority – 40% – think he is “honest and tells the truth.” Suburban voters show a decided lack of confidence in Trump a majority (55%) of voters in the five suburban counties of Arapahoe, Adams, Jefferson, Douglas and Broomfield say Trump is “dishonest and tells lies.”

Trump’s problems are dragging down Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner

Currently, Colorado voters are divided on Sen. Cory Gardner (39% favorable – 38% unfavorable), compared to a more positive opinion of him before Trump was elected in July, 2016 (45% favorable – 28% unfavorable).

Colorado’s Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Bennet remains popular with 51% viewing him favorably compared to 29% unfavorable, which is the same as before Trump was elected in July, 2016 (51% favorable – 28% unfavorable).

Colorado voters disagree with what President Trump is saying about the media and President Obama

  • A majority – 62% – of Colorado voters do not believe that President Obama had the wires tapped in Trump Tower, while 20% believe it.
  • A majority – 57% – of Colorado voters disagree with President Trump’s statement that the news media is the enemy of the people, while 37% agree with it.

President Trump’s anti-immigrant positions are out of step with Colorado

  • A majority – 60% -– of Colorado voters oppose President Trump’s plan to build a wall on the Mexican border to keep out illegal immigrants, while 35% support the idea. Trump’s wall is opposed by a majority of men (53% oppose) and women (67% oppose), younger age 18-49 (71% oppose) and older age 50+ (51% oppose), and white (59% oppose) and Hispanics (70% oppose).
  • A majority — 53% – of Colorado voters oppose Trump’s travel ban that prevents citizens from Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen from entering the United States, while 42% support Trump’s new travel ban. Trump’s travel ban is particularly disliked by millennial voters age 18-34 (76% oppose the travel ban), while those age 65+ are supportive (56% support).

Colorado voters aren’t convinced Trump’s campaign communicated with Russia to influence outcome of the election

  • 37% of Colorado voters believe Donald Trump’s campaign was in communication with Russia in order to influence the Presidential election, while nearly half (47%) say they were not, and 16% are unsure.

Colorado voters don’t want to repeal Obamacare

When asked about the Obamacare replacement plan recently released by Republicans in Congress, by a 13-point margin Colorado voters prefer to keep Obamacare (54%) rather than repeal Obamacare (41%). Attitudes toward Obamacare closely mirror the Presidential election – Clinton voters prefer to keep Obamacare (91%) and Trump voters prefer to repeal Obamacare (84%).

Colorado Voters want to increase the share of energy that comes from clean, renewable sources

8-of-10 voters say they favor increasing the share of Colorado’s energy that comes from clean, renewable sources like wind and solar power in order to create jobs and economic opportunity in rural Colorado, while only 14% oppose it. Increasing clean, renewable energy is a pure non-partisan issue, favored overwhelmingly by Democrats (95% favor), Unaffiliated (84% favor) and by two-thirds of Republicans.

Keating Research is recognized by Democrats and Republicans alike as providing extremely accurate polling in Colorado.

This polling data is based on 503 live-interviewer telephone surveys conducted March 8-13, 2017 among “active” voters statewide in Colorado. For this sample of 503 interviews the worst case margin of error at the 95% level is plus or minus 4.4%. Respondents were chosen at random from a list of voters with phone numbers: 261 surveys (52%) were conducted on cell-phone and 242 surveys (48%) were conducted on a land line.



It’s just about time to register for the first second-ever Golden Giddyup, featuring closed trails with dreamy, clean runs. After you crush it in your own special way, kick back with a beer, whiskey and a hay bale at the best post-ride party around. Trails, riders and the community – all winners.

And now it’s time to do it again. The 2017 Golden Giddyup will be held on September 10th and registration for this fine event opens at High Noon on Wednesday, March 15th. Same awesome courses to choose from, same post-race party mayhem, and featuring the loving support of REI, Yeti Cycles and Laws Whiskey.

If you registered last year (or even if you didn’t), remember that the Golden Giddyup is under the umbrella of the Jeffco Outdoors Foundation, a 501(c)3, which means your entry fee is tax deductible. Yes, you heard that right: not only are you supporting the trails in Jefferson County and participating in an awesome race, but it’s going to take just a little bit of the sting out of tax-time, too.



The RiNo Art District will serve as the stage this August for “Velorama Colorado,” an entertainment experience that will be part bike race and celebration of bicycle culture, part music festival, part craft-goods marketplace, and entirely entertaining, RPM Events Group announced today.

Hall-of-famer Bill Walton at the Velorama Colorado announcement Wednesday March 1, 2017. <i>(Evan Semón Photography)</i>

Hall-of-famer Bill Walton at the Velorama Colorado announcement Wednesday March 1, 2017. (Evan Semón Photography)

“With Velorama Colorado, we are re-imagining bike racing as the centerpiece of a large-scale community event,” said David Koff, CEO of RPM Events Group. “By locating the festival in the RiNo Art District and adding the right musical acts, a massive marketplace, criterium racing, ranging from the serious to the whimsical to the charitable, and local food and drink, we will broaden the appeal of an already wildly popular sport.”From Aug. 11-13, Velorama Colorado will feature some of the world’s bests cyclists racing in the Denver stages of the Colorado Classic; national music acts including Wilco and Death Cab for Cutie; and hundreds of vendors in a festival marketplace that includes a Bike Expo and is anchored by Denver Flea and the independent craft makers of beer, cider and wine in the RiNo Art District.

The innovative blend of bicycling, music and all-things-Colorado immediately attracted the attention of basketball Hall-of-Famer Bill Walton, an avid cyclist and music lover. “Denver and Colorado are innovators, whether it’s celebrating what makes this place special, launching a new technology or re-inventing a bike race. I expect nothing but the same from Velorama Colorado,” said Walton, who flew in for the announcement.

“Coloradans’ love of cycling is matched — and maybe even exceeded — by their passion for great food, beer and music,” said Gov. John Hickenlooper. “Velorama Colorado is the kind of creative approach that Colorado is known for in that it creates a winning combination of those passions that will benefit our state and communities for years to come.”

The Colorado Classic will be held Aug. 10-13, with starts and finishes in Colorado Springs, Breckenridge, and Denver. Sanctioned by Union Cycliste Internationale and USA Cycling, the Colorado Classic will feature the sport’s top squads.

Free live music and other festivities are planned for the exciting men’s and women’s start-and-finish areas in Colorado Springs and Breckenridge on Aug. 10 and Aug. 11, respectively.

The ticketed Velorama Colorado festival is planned around the race’s Denver start-and-finish area, and will be headquartered in the RiNo Art District:

  • Friday night, Aug. 11: Women’s criterium; music headliner Wilco; and festival marketplace.
  • Saturday, Aug.12: Stage 3 men’s race (RiNo start/finish and Peak to Peak Hwy out-and-back); music headliner Death Cab for Cutie; and festival marketplace.
  • Sunday Aug. 13: Stage 4 of men’s race (RiNo criterium and city circuit) and closing ceremonies; Family Music and Fun Day; and festival marketplace.

The marketplace includes a Bike Expo of nearly 150 exhibitors, festival merchandise; food from local merchants; areas for beer, wine and cider provided by the independent craft producers located in RiNo; and an expanded version of the Denver Flea with nearly 200 craft vendors.

“Teaming up with Velorama Colorado is a special opportunity for Denver Flea. Our missions couldn’t be more aligned, as both of us are committed to enlivening places and building community while having fun doing it,” said Denver Flea’s Blake Adams. “I’m excited to combine a major bike race and amazing musicians with the region’s finest artisan and emerging brands.”

A limited number of early-bird daily Velorama Colorado tickets go on sale at for $25 each beginning at 10 a.m. on Friday, March 3. Once those tickets are gone, advanced daily tickets will be offered online for $35 each. Walk-up prices will be $45 per day. VIP packages are also available.

“Whether it’s a general admission ticket or a VIP experience, a day at Velorama will be a great experience at a great price,” said Koff.  “For less than the price of a concert ticket, you get a full day of music, food, beer, crafts and bike-centric fun — plus great views of the Colorado Classic.”

Moreover, a portion of ticket sales will be donated to Bicycle Colorado, the RiNo Art District and other initiatives as part of RPM Event Group’s mission to invest back in the community.

Velorama Colorado is bringing a new financial approach to pro bike racing in the United States.

“One of the challenges has been creating a business plan that is profitable and sustainable over the long run,” said Koff. “By imagining an event that is more than a bike race and bringing a ‘gate’ to the sport, we are confident that we can build an annual event that is anchored in Colorado and gives back to the community in meaningful ways.”

That approach was highlighted by Lindsey Hendershot, with the RiNo Art District: “This is the first major event of this scale to be held in RiNo. We love the mission to reinvent bike racing by bringing in additional creative partners from the neighborhood and to give back to the community,” she said.

About RPM Events Group: The Colorado Classic and Velorama Colorado are being produced by RPM Events Group, which includes civic-minded investors with a vision of re-inventing cycling events that are sustainable and fun, while providing a long-term positive social and economic impact to citizens and communities.