A new crop of campaign logos

A new crop of campaign logos

From Jeb! to Hillary, this campaign season is bringing us a crop of new campaign logos to admire and to scorn.

Bright colors, corporate vibes, and a trend towards first-name-only branding define the direction of this batch.

The flexible graphic identity from Obama’s 2008 campaign is now regarded as archetypal political design. The combination of a bright primary-color palette, the sunrise O and bold typography implied a confident candidate with a clear vision for the future. Whether President Obama could ever live up to this image, his campaign’s savvy and powerful use of design set the bar for today’s presidential candidates. While none of 2016’s campaigns rise to the level of Obama 2008, some intriguing ideas and shared visual themes have emerged from the field.

Read more analysis at Washington Post.

Building Web Sites @ OnSight

Building Web Sites @ OnSight

You know the old sayings…

 The web site is mightier than the sword.

 When the going gets tough, the tough build a new web site.

 There’s no place like your home page.

Those might be a little different than you remember, and that’s because we want you to look at OnSight’s work in a new way: digitally.

While OnSight has offered creative services for years, our creative team has recently kicked it into high-gear, designing and building new and innovative online homes for a number of our clients. Below, we’ve highlighted a few to show you how we’re helping our clients tackle issues with new solutions, fresh design, and innovative web sites.

Since “fortune favors the bold web designer,” we aim to evolve as quickly as the new technologies and trends in our industry. Let us know if you have a bold new idea for your website, and we’ll help you make that happen.

Keep Colorado Local

Visit KeepCoLocal.com to learn more.

Out-of-state corporations want to change the way we do business in Colorado by allowing chain stores to sell alcohol. Their goal is to boost profits, and what they won’t tell you, is that the effort will send money out of our communities, force hundreds of small businesses to close, curtail Colorado’s thriving craft industries, undermine safety, and give underage kids more access to alcohol.

As you can imagine, Coloradans won’t take that kind of thing laying down, and so a group of locally owned and independent businesses formed a coalition called Keep Colorado Local. In order to help this coalition share their message and gain new members, we knew we had to build a unique and dynamic system. The Keep Colorado Local web site not only informs supporters, allowing them get active and share our message, but also gives coalition members access to resources and communications tools.

As this coalition continues to grow and create new innovative ways to preserve Colorado’s unique business climate, our web site will be the dynamic online home for these efforts.

The Outdoors Summit

Learn more at TheOutdoorsSummit.com

Kids today spend half as much time outdoors as their parents did. Colorado may boast the nation’s healthiest adult population, but its youth obesity rate is rising rapidly. Barriers like time, transportation, money, access, and lack of interest keep kids from getting outside and developing the lifelong passion for the great outdoors that is vital for the well being of Colorado citizens, our wildlife, and our way of life.

Changing this trend is no small undertaking, and that’s why Governor Hickenlooper, the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, and Great Outdoors Colorado teamed up to tackle this head on. OnSight worked with these entities to develop the strategy, messaging, and of course, the online hub for the announcement of these new initiatives, which synthesized into the Outdoors Summit. In June, OnSight helped organize the Outdoors Summit, an unprecedented gathering of national and state leaders, advocates and visionaries focused on connecting Coloradans, especially our kids, with the outdoors.

Our creative team developed the logo, web site, and conference materials to promote and brand this unprecedented day-long summit.

Perlmutter for Colorado

Learn more at PerlmutterForColorado.com

OnSight is proud to work with the hardest working man in Congress, and this spring, we took on the overhaul of Ed Perlmutter’s campaign web site. The new Perlmutter for Colorado site is now mobile and social-friendly — critical components for any modern campaign — and features new interactive tools that allow supporters to learn more about Ed and get engaged in his campaign by volunteering, sharing testimonials, and donating.

Check out these 5 great Winter Olympics links

The Winter Olympics — a magical fortnight of sports, international truce, and athletic accomplishment (unless you’re an Olympics grinch, of which we might have one lurking around the OnSight office). With an event that has such international interest, and which has a long and proud history, it’s fun to trace the graphical representations of the Olympics, present and past. Here are few great links.

  1. Great interactive graphic of the events of the 2014 Winter Games
  2. Looking Back at the 90 Year Evolution of The Winter Olympics Poster
  3. Official logos of the Winter Olympics since 1924
  4. How the “walk” signal looks in different countries around the world (and art installation)
  5. A compendium of design (and other) fails from Sochi


We [Heart] Infographics

We [Heart] Infographics

So much data! Such a beautiful map!

So much data! Such a beautiful map!

Infographics are no fad: the ability to pack a lot of useful data in a small amount of space, and make it fun to learn something or visualize complicated concepts in a fresh way is eternally useful.

Here’s a roundup of some great infographics we’ve encountered recently:

Warby Parker’s fun, informal, and informative annual report is an innovative approach to the often stuffy formality, and also provides information you never thought you cared about in a dynamic web interface.

Cute and fun: Drake Martinet’s marriage proposal.

Sometimes infographics are less design challenges than data ones. Here’s an example of a ton of data integrated into a map, making a tool that is useful and visually impressive at both the macro- and micro-level.

Infographics can pack tons of personality and information into what might otherwise be unremarkable promotional pieces.

And if you’re a Pinterest user, there’s a never-ending waterful of amazing infographics to peruse and get inspiration from. Here’s a good place to start.

Let us know if you’ve got a challenge that creative visualization might be able to tackle.

Colorado Commits launches

Colorado Commits launches

Colorado CommitsColorado’s budget is in a grim spot, and the state’s schools are one of the victims of recent cuts. Colorado Commits is a campaign designed to educated citizens about not only the state of the budget and its affect on our kids (and our economy), but also to propose some solutions to help get Colorado’s schools out of this fix.

There are several prongs to this ongoing campaign, including branding, several television commercials OnSight was able to film, edit, and get on the air on short notice, as well as a web site which will be housing information and opportunities for citizens to get educated and involved as the campaign progresses.

Check out ColoradoCommits.com, watch the commercials, and take the pledge to commit to Colorado’s future!