A setback

A setback

Sadly, Amendment 72 did not pass in Colorado last night.

Philip Morris steamrolled this election with a $17 million advertising blitz that deceived voters about Amendment 72. Having been outspent 14 to 1 on advertising, we couldn’t overcome Philip Morris’ smear campaign.

This is a major setback for Colorado in the fight against the number one cause of preventable death in our state. Amendment 72 would have reduced smoking, especially among children, and would have invested money in programs to support veterans and those most harmed by smoking.

We are proud of our positive campaign that was supported by over 100 organizations and endorsed by Governor Hickenlooper and the state’s most influential newspapers. We will bring a tobacco tax back to Colorado voters and win on behalf of our children and our commitment to saving lives and reducing health care costs for everyone.

Let Colorado Vote celebrates passage of Props 107 and 108

Let Colorado Vote celebrates passage of Props 107 and 108

It’s official: Colorado voters have chosen to make the state’s primary elections more fair and inclusive.
The approval of both Propositions 107 and 108 has ensured that more than 1 million unaffiliated voters will now have the ability to participate in primaries.
“This is a big win for democracy in Colorado. By passing both propositions 107 and 108, Colorado’s voters have proven once again the wisdom of government of the people, by the people and for the people,” said Campaign Chairman Kent Thiry.
The newly approved presidential primary also enfranchises those who were left out by the caucus system: military service members, the disabled, working people, and families with young children. They will now have weeks to cast their ballot for presidential primary races in Colorado from the privacy of their own homes.

“Our hope as a business community is that by engaging all Coloradans in elections we will get back to rewarding elected officials who work together, compromise and find solutions to move our state forward,” said Kelly Brough, President and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. “Democracy and Colorado work best when everyone is engaged and we look forward to the progress our state will make because of this important reform.” 

Tonight’s results were a direct result of thousands of Coloradans who came together to work on the issue. 

“I want to express my deepest gratitude to the campaign board, staff, our volunteers and all of our supporters who have made these wins tonight possible,” said Let Colorado Vote campaign manager Jesse Hassinger. “Colorado has a history of valuing participation in the election process, and tonight’s results continue the trend.”

Have you seen these?

Have you seen these?

Make no mistake: smoking is a deadly addiction that kills more Coloradans than alcohol, AIDS, car accidents, illegal drugs, murders and suicides combined. For decades, tobacco companies have successfully lured kids into a lifelong addiction, even though one in three youth smokers will die prematurely because of it.

The Yes on 72 campaign is now on the air with two TV spots educating voters about the Yes on 72 campaign, and reminding voters that the opposition campaign is funded entirely by big tobacco in an effort to keep making profits at the expense of Colorado kids and the health of all Coloradans.

Raising taxes on cigarettes is a proven solution to stop kids from starting to smoke, reduce smoking among adults and to support those most harmed by smoking with their lifelong health issues.

Check out our new ads and help us spread the word!

Yes on 107 & 108 launches first ad in support of restoring presidential primary, opening primaries to unaffiliated voters

Yes on 107 & 108 launches first ad in support of restoring presidential primary, opening primaries to unaffiliated voters

Ad to run on digital platforms, in TV markets across Colorado

DENVER — Today, Let Colorado Vote, the campaign dedicated to building consensus for policies to increase voter access and participation, launched its first advertisement of the election season.

“Can we play?” highlights the unfairness of Colorado’s current election systems that limit participation and choice and urges voters to make our elections better by Voting Yes on Propositions 107 & 108.
“Thanks to our committed supporters from across the state, who share our desire for elections in Colorado that are more fair and inclusive, we have raised the resources to communicate our message broadly,” said campaign chair Kent Thiry, Chairman and CEO of DaVita. “Propositions 107 and 108 are essential for strengthening our Democracy in Colorado by including the more than 1 million unaffiliated Coloradans who currently pay taxes for elections they are banned from participating in.”

Here is a link to the ad that will begin airing today online and is planned to run on broadcast networks and cable systems in Denver, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction.<

Big Tobacco is at it again

Big Tobacco is at it again

Big tobacco is at it again, spending millions to push out a campaign of deceit.

The tobacco industry has purchased nearly $7.7 million of television and radio time for commercials in Colorado to divert attention from the purpose of Amendment 72, which is to save lives, reduce smoking and stop thousands of kids from getting hooked on cigarettes.


Tobacco companies are hiding behind phony fears about our state constitution to avoid addressing the real reason why they are fighting Amendment 72, which is that raising the cost of cigarettes will stop thousands of kids and adults from smoking and hurt their profits.

Amendment 72 is widely supported by Colorado voters because they know cigarettes kill. Over 100 organizations and health care leaders endorse the initiative, including the Children’s Hospital of Colorado, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, the American Heart Association and the American Lung Association.

Remember who is behind these ads – the same industry that used to claim that cigarettes were harmless.


Have you heard the news?

Have you heard the news?

We’re on the ballot!

The Colorado Secretary of State has approved our petitions for the November ballot. Now the hard work begins.

Colorado Cigarette Tax

Colorado voters will be asked this November to increase the cigarette tax to reduce smoking, save lives and provide funding for medical research and health care services for kids, veterans, and those most affected by smoking. The Colorado Secretary of State Office today approved the measure after determining that enough voter signatures were submitted.

We need to stay strong in our resolve if we’re going to win this campaign. While we haven’t seen any organized opposition from the tobacco industry yet, we expect they will show up with a vocal (and well funded) campaign any day now.

Cigarettes kill more than 5,000 Coloradans every year, and the tobacco industry will stop at nothing to target kids for lifelong addiction. Big Tobacco, in fighting a similar tax increase in California, has already spent almost $17 million. We should expect to see the same here.

Last year cigarette sales increased in Colorado for the first time in over a decade. Increasing the cigarette tax is a proven way to fight this deadly problem and keep more kids from starting to smoke.