Colorado UP!

Some governors have a black-tie gala with foie gras and filet mignon, where attendees wear tuxes and ball gowns, but not John Hickenlooper. For his second inaugural celebration, Governor John Hickenlooper did things a little different. Following a jam-packed day including the swearing-in ceremony, a breakfast with young scholars, and more, Hickenlooper combined his love of music, craft beer, and a good party for the final event of the night. He brought in and played with some of Colorado’s best musical acts for an inaugural concert at the Ogden Theater.

Before breaking out his banjo skills with The String Cheese Incident, Gov. Hickenlooper commented on the brewing-themed Western snap-button shirt he had picked out for the occasion, saying “I hope people can see the hops.”

Photos by OnSight staff.

Colorado Up!

While governors past have enjoyed black-tie, ballroom inaugural celebrations, recently re-elected Governor John Hickenlooper likes to do things a little differently.

As the Denver Post notes:

The plans for Gov. John Hickenlooper’s second inauguration are beginning to take shape and it will remain as unconventional as his first four years ago.

The Democrat’s swearing in ceremony will take place at 11 a.m. Jan. 13 on the Capitol steps, followed by a cocktail hour, dinner and concert at downtown Denver music venues.

The theme for the festivities mirrors his campaign slogan: “Colorado Up.”

The main event is the inaugural concert at the Ogden Theatre — combining Hickenlooper’s love for music, craft beer and a big party. The event features Colorado bands Nathaniel Rateliff, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, String Cheese Incident and the Lumineers. Doors open at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $75. The tickets will go on sale at 10 a.m. Thursday through the inaugural site at

Tickets for all the festivities are available at

Wipe off that mud

John Hickenlooper’s opponents and their allies are going to try to track mud all over Colorado by slinging misinformation and false claims at John and his campaign.

That’s why Hickenlooper for Colorado created a place where people can find accurate information about John’s record and Colorado’s accomplishments over the past four years.

mudroom header

Step into The Mudroom and wipe off that negativity. Then be sure to sign up to be a member of Hick’s “Mudroom rapid response team.” The campaign send you updates whenever there is an attack so you can help them get the truth out.

It’s called The Mudroom, and it’s a great place to wipe off the mud and negativity you see on TV. It’s also a whole lot easier than taking a shower every time you see an attack ad.

This mudroom doesn’t have a sink or a rug. What it does have are the facts and a great team of people like you to help Hickenlooper for Colorado spread the word. And that’s especially important when you don’t run negative ads, like Hick’s campaign.

Rise and Shine

The Hickenlooper for Colorado 2014 campaign is up and running! We worked with our friends at Putnam Partners to create a fun new video showing off John Hickenlooper and Joe Garcia’s campaign workout routine as they get ready for 2014.  It was first screened to cheers and laughter at the Democratic Party Assembly on Saturday. From cycling around the state, to meeting thousands of Coloradans, and not to mention answering countless phone calls, all of Team Hickenlooper is busy getting ready for the campaign!

Lynn Bartels mentioned the video in a post on The Spot, and with hundreds of views on YouTube and dozens of shares on Facebook, the video is already launching the campaign into the spotlight with its characteristic positivity, energy, and self-deprecating charm.