We [Heart] Infographics

We [Heart] Infographics

So much data! Such a beautiful map!

So much data! Such a beautiful map!

Infographics are no fad: the ability to pack a lot of useful data in a small amount of space, and make it fun to learn something or visualize complicated concepts in a fresh way is eternally useful.

Here’s a roundup of some great infographics we’ve encountered recently:

Warby Parker’s fun, informal, and informative annual report is an innovative approach to the often stuffy formality, and also provides information you never thought you cared about in a dynamic web interface.

Cute and fun: Drake Martinet’s marriage proposal.

Sometimes infographics are less design challenges than data ones. Here’s an example of a ton of data integrated into a map, making a tool that is useful and visually impressive at both the macro- and micro-level.

Infographics can pack tons of personality and information into what might otherwise be unremarkable promotional pieces.

And if you’re a Pinterest user, there’s a never-ending waterful of amazing infographics to peruse and get inspiration from. Here’s a good place to start.

Let us know if you’ve got a challenge that creative visualization might be able to tackle.

Congrats to Elise Jones

Congrats to Elise Jones

OnSight Public Affairs congratulates Elise Jones on her successful run to win the primary election in the race for Boulder County Commissioner. While the general election is in November, the winner of the Democratic primary is the presumptive winner.

Elise ran a fantastic campaign, with a solid showing at local debates, strong fundraising, and a robust volunteer and outreach corps. Elise and her volunteers had hundreds of conversations, knocked on over a thousand doors, and made thousands of phone calls, during nearly nine months of reaching out to Boulder County voters.

OnSight was proud to help Elise with a branded and structured mail outreach program, campaign strategy consultation, and social media and web presence design and input throughout Elise’s campaign.

We are proud of the honest and professional campaign Elise ran, and wish her luck through the rest of her election season.

Request for Water in the news

Onsight has been working with the Colorado Water Trust to raise awareness about a pilot water leasing program called Request for Water 2012. This program will help conserve water in Colorado through our extremely dry summer, and we’ve helped make sure this innovative effort has gotten the attention it deserves.

A recent release from the Colorado Water Trust highlights some of the great coverage the program has received in recent weeks:

Over the past 15 days, Request for Water 2012 has received consistent media coverage including: