Introducing the Peak Pedalers

Introducing the Peak Pedalers

The 31st annual Ride the Rockies race starts Sunday in Carbondale and OnSight Public Affairs will be there, pedaling, taking photos, managing social media and sharing stories. We love this partnership, now in its third year, with the Denver Post Community Foundation and other sponsors. What an amazing way to see our beautiful state! It’s also about community and supporting great causes. This year, we’re engaging more of the RTR community with guest blogs written by the Peak Pedaler team. Jessica from Littleton, Scott from Richardson TX, Paul from Olathe and Diane from Albuquerque are our guest bloggers who are riding the race and sharing stories. Read more about them here and enjoy their blog posts! We’ll be there for 6 days of riding over roughly 400 miles and more than 29,00 feet in elevation gain, ending Friday in Fort Collins.

Close Encounters

Close Encounters

Cattle crossing rtr ride the rockies

Cattle crossing a country road usually isn’t the most exciting thing, but it’s a different story when you’re creating content and capturing photography for Ride The Rockies.

We were a little ways outside of Crawford and heading towards Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park when we saw a brown mass in the road. A few bikers had stopped, and we pulled up in our staff car just in time to see the rancher zoom past us on a four-wheeler to herd his cattle back into their pen. As the riders waiting for the route to be cleared, we were able to capture a very fleeting moment, and then share it with thousands later that day on social media.

OnSight is lucky enough to work with Ride The Rockies on their Peak Pedalers blog, content and strategy for their social media channels, and photography during this week-long bike ride.

Before the week-long ride through some of Colorado’s most beautiful mountains and towns, we help select and train a group of bloggers called the Peak Pedalers who write posts about training, riding, and reflecting on the ride. During the event, we’re on the route right next to the cyclists, capturing those rare and beautiful moments to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr. We’re able to provide weather and route updates for the riders as well as photos and blog posts for RTR fans jealously following along from home. During the ride, the homepage for Ride The Rockies turns over to live-feeds from those social media channels, so you can see where we’re at and what we’re up to at any moment during the ride.

Riders are all smiles at the finish line in Westcliffe.

The ride covered 464 miles, gained 31,217 feet of elevation, and climbed almost a dozen mountain passes. Of 2000 riders who participated, every state in the US was represented along with 11 other countries; the oldest rider was 90 years old, and the youngest 7.

Anyone could schedule posts from hundreds of miles away, but you’re only going to see the cattle crossings, the fans cheering, and the participants blood, sweat, tears, and joy if you’re out here with the riders.

Colorful Colorado

Congratulations to all who participated in the recently-wrapped Ride The Rockies! This seven-day, 471-mile cycling tour took riders to through blizzards, rainstorms, but most of all, a stunning cross-section of colorful Colorado.

For the second year running (or, riding) OnSight Public Affairs was on hand to handle social media, take photos and work with participating bloggers.

Here are a few highlights from the week:

For more photos and updates, be sure to check out the Peak Pedaler blog, RTR Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Stay tuned for updates on next year, the 30th anniversary tour!

Introducing the 2014 Peak Pedalers!

Once again, we sought out a few enthusiastic riders who share our excitement for Ride The Rockies to join forces and become guest bloggers for Ride The Rockies 2014! These “Peak Pedalers” will help us capture the spirit and tell the story of this summer’s ride. The contest involves voting on social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), as well as drawing viewers to the Ride The Rockies web site. RTR fans vote on their favorites, and winners are selected based on a writing sample, their vote tally, and the unique perspective they will bring to blogging over the spring and through ride week.

This year’s finalists include a busy mom riding with her elderly father, a Hawiian triathlete, an out-of-shape middle-aged southern gentleman, and husband and wife team battling Parkinson’s, and a personal trainer who has never done Ride The Rockies before!

We can’t wait to have them introduce themselves readers and see RTR 2014 through their eyes…

Ride All The Rockies!

Ride All The Rockies!

It was a quiet week at OnSight headquarters in Denver earlier this month. While the tumbleweeds were making their home in our offices, most of our staff was out exploring the state alongside Ride The Rockies.

The weather was spectacular and the tour was admirably well organized. For participants, volunteers, and staff (and OnSight employees numbered themselves among all three), it was an amazing and unforgettable week.

Highlights from our time with Ride The Rockies can be found on the RTR Twitter feed and Facebook page (we took the reigns of the RTR social media feeds for the week), YouTube account (we produced daily videos), and web site (collecting and posting content from the “Peak Pedaler” bloggers were our responsibility), and Flickr account (we took photos along the route, as well).

Our goal was to capture the spirit of the experience for riders and fans alike. Let us know what you think!

Watch the Videos

Day 1: A Change of Scenery

Day 1
Day 2: Apres Ride
Day 2
Day 3: A Day in the Life
Day 3
Day 5: Beyond the Bike
Day 5
Day 6: Cañon City or Bust
Day 6


Check out the Photos

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Ride The Rockies wants you!

Ride The Rockies wants you!

Ride The Rockies is looking for a few enthusiastic riders who share their excitement for Ride The Rockies to join forces and become guest bloggers on our web site. These “Peak Pedalers” will help them capture the spirit of Ride The Rockies and tell the story of this summer’s ride. Read the fine print (there’s not much!), and submit an entry by clicking here:


You can vote for your favorite Peak Pedalers here.

What does being a Peak Pedaler mean for you?


As a Peak Pedaler, you will receive a free entry into this year’s Ride The Rockies, as well as a guaranteed and complimentary entry for 2014’s tour. You will have the opportunity to tell your story through photos and blog posts as you train during the weeks leading up to the event, and while you explore the state during the ride itself. Your pictures and posts will be featured on the Ride The Rockies web site and shared via social media.

Who is the ideal Peak Pedaler?

The ideal Peak Pedaler is someone with an interesting perspective and a knack for storytelling. Peak Pedalers will be selected to write with a specific focus based on their walk of life and their identity. Are you “The Family Guy” or “The Athlete”? Maybe you are “The Professional” or “The Mom”? If you think your lifestyle can give a unique perspective to the Ride The Rockies experience, you may be the perfect fit for a Peak Pedaler.