Yes on 107 and 108! Launches New Ad

Yes on 107 and 108! Launches New Ad

The Yes on 107 and 108 campaign to reinstate a presidential primary and open all primaries to unaffiliated voters released a new ad to remind voters that inclusion isn’t just a nice idea; it’s on the ballot.

The new ad, called “Inclusion” showcases how great ideas — from the wheel, to rock ‘n’ roll, to innovations in science – come from collaboration and working together. Let Colorado Vote believes the same is true of democracy and elections, and that greater participation, by adding over one million new voices to the primary system, can make all the difference in Colorado.

Currently, over one-third of Colorado’s voters are unaffiliated. Colorado leads the nation in the growth of unaffiliated voters and with a completely closed primary system, which means Colorado disenfranchises a higher percentage of its population than almost any other state.

Colorado can do better by voting YES this fall on Proposition 107 to restore a presidential primary and YES on Proposition 108, to open taxpayer-funded primaries to unaffiliated voters.

The measures have drawn the support of Gov. John Hickenlooper and former Govs. Bill Ritter, Bill Owens, Roy Romer and Dick Lamm; and support from editorial boards at The Denver Post, The Colorado Springs Gazette, The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, The Boulder Daily Camera, The Greeley Tribune, The Durango Herald and the Fort Collins Coloradoan, among others.

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Have you seen these?

Have you seen these?

Make no mistake: smoking is a deadly addiction that kills more Coloradans than alcohol, AIDS, car accidents, illegal drugs, murders and suicides combined. For decades, tobacco companies have successfully lured kids into a lifelong addiction, even though one in three youth smokers will die prematurely because of it.

The Yes on 72 campaign is now on the air with two TV spots educating voters about the Yes on 72 campaign, and reminding voters that the opposition campaign is funded entirely by big tobacco in an effort to keep making profits at the expense of Colorado kids and the health of all Coloradans.

Raising taxes on cigarettes is a proven solution to stop kids from starting to smoke, reduce smoking among adults and to support those most harmed by smoking with their lifelong health issues.

Check out our new ads and help us spread the word!

Yes on 107 & 108 launches first ad in support of restoring presidential primary, opening primaries to unaffiliated voters

Yes on 107 & 108 launches first ad in support of restoring presidential primary, opening primaries to unaffiliated voters

Ad to run on digital platforms, in TV markets across Colorado

DENVER — Today, Let Colorado Vote, the campaign dedicated to building consensus for policies to increase voter access and participation, launched its first advertisement of the election season.

“Can we play?” highlights the unfairness of Colorado’s current election systems that limit participation and choice and urges voters to make our elections better by Voting Yes on Propositions 107 & 108.
“Thanks to our committed supporters from across the state, who share our desire for elections in Colorado that are more fair and inclusive, we have raised the resources to communicate our message broadly,” said campaign chair Kent Thiry, Chairman and CEO of DaVita. “Propositions 107 and 108 are essential for strengthening our Democracy in Colorado by including the more than 1 million unaffiliated Coloradans who currently pay taxes for elections they are banned from participating in.”

Here is a link to the ad that will begin airing today online and is planned to run on broadcast networks and cable systems in Denver, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction.<

New video work from OnSight

New video work from OnSight

It’s been a busy few months here at OnSight, and we wanted to take a moment and share some of the videos we’ve had the opportunity to produce with our clients and partners. Take a second and take a look.

We’ve got a few new videos we’re excited to release. The first was created for the Great Outdoors Colorado Great Outdoors Summitin June. The 4:30 video showcases some really stunning Colorado landscapes, and highlights opportunities for Coloradans to protect and experience the value of Colorado’s outdoor resources. (Produced in partnership with Travis Rummel and Ben Knight with Felt Soul Media.)


The second is a 1:30 video released just this week for the Yes on 1A for DIA campaign. The video has a driving, hyperkinetic energy that showcases the economic engine DIA has become. The 1A for DIA campaign will be engaging voters in both Adams County and Denver to support new commercial businesses at DIA, bringing new manufacturing, new retail, and an estimated 12,000 new jobs to the airport. (Produced in partnership with Milkhaus.)

The third video is an infographic for the Keep Colorado Local campaign on social media, helping viewers connect the dots between the craft brews they love, and the liquor laws in Colorado that have made our craft brewing industry so strong and diverse.

Bringing climate to the forefront of Colorado politics

What do farmers markets, pumpkin carving, fog machines and smokestacks have in common? All were utilized by the OnSight team in the name of bringing climate change to the forefront for Colorado voters. This past fall, OnSight teamed up with NextGen Climate Colorado with the goal of making the issue of climate one of the top issues voters consider at the polls. How? By attracting earned media, organizing a stunt or two, and packaging creative content.

Over the course of nearly four months, the communications team was able to introduce and establish NextGen Climate with Colorado’s press corps, create an online presence and produce a steady stream of social media, blog content and videos, and develop and deliver localized messaging in regards to the 2014 senate race. During this time, the NextGen Climate Colorado team was able to establish itself as a serious player in Colorado politics and regularly influenced questions asked of candidates during debates and in coverage altogether. On multiple occasions outlined below, the team rose above the campaign season noise to receive earned-media attention amid stiff competition for coverage — notably during the Denver EPA hearings, the Club 20 Debates, with Cory Gardner’s House of Deception which coincided with Michelle Obama’s visit in Fort Collins, and the placement of the state director’s op-ed in the Denver Post.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite for NextGen Climate Colorado:


News Clips:

9News: EPA hearings turn Denver into political stage

Denver Post: Demand candidates take action on climate issues



Marriage Equality Comes to Colorado

Marriage Equality Comes to Colorado

After decades of legal battles, and a roller-coaster summer of conflicting Supreme Court opinions, the matter has finally been resolved in Colorado: as of Monday, October 6th, all of Colorado’s 64 county clerk’s are required to issue marriage licenses to any couple that requests one, regardless of gender.

It’s not often we are witness to such a sea-change in both public opinion and legal standards on an important civil rights issues. We’re proud of Colorado, and of all of those who have been fighting this battle for over 20 years!